Our grandparents Giannetto and Maria and our parents Silvia and Rodolfo, embraced by our great-grandmother Caterina with our vineyards protected by a majestic “leopoldino” pine in the background.

Passion for five generations

Our family began its journey through the world of wine in the 1950s, when Giannetto Lebole and his brother Mario-both skilled and enlightened entrepreneurs-bought a 200-hectare farm placed in Castiglion Fibocchi (near Arezzo) that was owned by the royal family of Savoia-Aosta. Afterwards they realized a significant agricultural plan planting 90 hectares of vines. They used innovative vine plantings and cultivation methods, always trying to keep that balance between the vine and the land in order to achieve the best oenological results.

Il Filetto

Local people used to call this fertile land “il Filetto”


Our Grandfather Giannetto

Our grandfather Giannetto Lebole, teacher of life, riding Chango. Therefore, besides the viticulture the breeding of thoroughbred horses was one of his greatest passions.