This is an ancient land depicted over the centuries by great artists such as Dante, Piero della Francesca, Leonardo, Michelangelo and, before that, by the Etruscans, Romans and wandering pilgrims who wished to stop and pray in the austere Romanesque parish churches.

The Estate

The estate, with its 30 hectares, lies on the rolling hills of Chianti, protected by the Pratomagno Mountains and located down the Cassia Vetus road (constructed by the Romans in the second century b.C.). Its bright red ground is in harmony with the green oak forest and the chestnut trees. The estate is also surrounded by silvery olive trees together with quiet cypresses.

Soil and microclimatic characteristics


Here at Canto alla Moraia the soil and the microclimatic conditions are ideal for the wine growing. Summer is warm and dry and allows the full ripening of the grapes, while the nights are cool and airy. This special equilibrium leads to a remarkable phenolic output yielding deeply textured wines characterised by unique aromas.