Our grandfather taught us that the vine, and not the wine, is the secret of it all.


The vineyards are laying on the soils formed 5 millions of years ago where the waters of a big river flow calmly. A large bed was born with two layers of soil, one of sand and clay and another of gravel, creating a unique natural habitat where the long roots of the vines lived a healthy long life. The peculiarities of our Terroir, as the microclimate, the soil (330 m a.s.l.), the different altitudes, the different winds Tramontana (north wind) helps to kill parasites, whereas in the summer the gentle breeze from the West is crucial for the ripening process of the berries) and the magic exposition to the Sunrays allows to this blessed soil of Moraia’s farm to produce UNIQUE WINES.



Moraia’s 10 hectares of vineyards are planted to some Tuscan traditional varieties (Colorino, Foglia Tonda, Malvasia Nera and Canaiolo) and some international varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot). The rows of vines have South-Southwest exposure in a planting layout that allows us to have 6.400 per hectare, all grown on spurred cordon, producing no more than 12.000/13.000 lbs (5000/5500 kg) of grape per hectare.


We have chosen the organic approach to viticulture following all the strict rules of the certification according to our philosophy based on the respect of Mother Nature and, consequently, the welfare of the land. For this reason, we are committed to multifaceted sustainable practices like the green manuring and the promotion of the biodiversity, minimizing the human intervention in order to preserve the environment.