Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Biologico

100% Olive Toscane

We are proud to offer you our extra-virgin olive oil, which is of very high quality and is obtained exclusively from the pressing of olives from our own olive groves, where they are cultivated using organic farming methods. We do not apply any treatments, either to the plants or to the oil, which has a very low rate of acidity. This is because our oil is obtained from healthy olives that are pressed the same day that they are picked.

Category: organic agricolture
Altitude: 400-450 meters a.s.l.
Olive groves exposure:South
Training system: specialized
Harvest: hand-picked, using tall ladders and nets spread on the ground, then delivered in wood boxes to the olive mill, in order to preserve organoleptic properties and taste olfactory qualities.
Variety: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio.
Tendency: towards full bright green.
Perfume:intensely fragrant of fresh grass, fruity.
Flavour: full harmonious balance with constant final spicy note.


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