The grape is nothing but the fruit of a direct and fecund relationship with the earth, which makes it magical and distinctive.

The Harvest

The harvest process is made by hand only. The grapes before going into the destemming and soft crushing pass through two different selections:
We harvest selecting the best part of the cluster and gently lay the grapes down into small baskets (that contain only 36 pounds/ 15 kg) to prevent the integrity of the skin that is very important for the qualities of the wine, such as the colour and the aromas. Before the destemming and soft crushing, the berries pass through the selection table taking off the damaged ones.

Winemaking Practicies


After the grape harvest, which usually takes place in the first week of October, we proceed with patient winemaking practices, selecting and destemming the harvested grapes: the pressing thus obtained begins a slow alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel, at a controlled temperature between 25°C, followed by maceration on the skins for 25-27 days. At the end of vinification, according to the noble artisan tradition, the wine aging is carried out in tonneaux and then it begins a long period of refinement in the bottle at a constantly controlled temperature. Thanks to these processes, our wine can finally achieve its maximum aromatic expression and its unique colour.