A Passion for four generations

Our family began its journey through the world of wine in the 1950s, when our grandfather Giannetto Lebole, a consummate and enlightened entrepreneur, purchased a 200-hectare farm from Duke Amedeo d’Aosta, owner of the Borro, in Castiglion Fibocchi near Arezzo in Tuscany.

In short order he carried out a grand agricultural plan, cultivating 90 hectares of vineyards: his were innovative systems for that time, utilizing ultramodern crop production techniques, in continuous pursuit of that balance that must exist between grapevine and soil in order to obtain the maximum oenological results.

Our parents, Silvia and Rodolfo, authentic Tuscan nature-lovers following the example and wise counsel of that model of Tuscan humanity, Grandfather Giannetto, purchased the Canto alla Moraia Estate here in Castiglion Fibocchi, a fertile land that the locals called “The Fillet,” since for centuries it had yielded the best harvests of wine, oil and grain.

The Canto alla Moraia estate and its enviromental context

The Estate, with its 30 hectares, lies in the rolling hills of Chianti, protected by the Pratomagno mountains, along the Cassia Vetus, a II-century B.C. Roman road. Its contours are gentle and blessedly verdant; the soil, flame-red like smouldering coals, is in full harmony with the green of the oak and acacia woods and, along their edges, thriving, shimmering silvery olive trees, in the company of patient cypresses.

This is an ancient land, depicted over the centuries by great artists like Piero della Francesca, Leonardo, Michelangelo... and even earlier by Etruscans, Romans and wanderers, silent pilgrims wishing to stop and pray in the austere Romanesque churches that raise themselves towards the sky like vigilant sentinels.

In the 1970s, our then-young parents planted 15 hectares of vines, and with the aid of Angiolino – a man of the soil and maestro of life – produced a good Chianti. We grew up here, amid vineyards and horses… an authentic, honest world… we’ve come a long way since then. Today the baton has been passed to us, and with pride and passion we are continuing the work of those who came before us, who lovingly protected this land, preserving its integrity.

And so, we decided to make the Canto alla Moraia Estate our life’s work, based on the originating and fundamental principle that man must make his way and evolve by focusing on physical health, freedom of the spirit and material gratuitousness – in other words, the essence of Nature.

Our Philosophy

Since 2002, we have renovated the entire vineyard area, in the pursuit of quality in our uniqueness. The rows of vines have a South-Southwest exposure in perfect harmony with the natural lay of the land, and arranged according to a harmonious geometry of lines that makes them extremely picturesque.

We have also created a planting layout that allows us to have 6400 plants per hectare, grown on spurred cordons, so that each plant bears just a few bunches, but healthy and well-concentrated ones; thus we produce no more than 55-60 qt of grapes per hectare.

The main chosen varietal is Sangiovese, the true originator of our Tuscany’s oenological good fortune, since by nature it expresses the best of our unique terroir. But we have not neglected to plant other old, traditional Tuscan varietals such as Foglia Tonda, Colorino, Malvasia Nera and Pugnatello, which guarantee the uniqueness of our wines.